I am so grateful that many at SPRINGBANK CATHOLIC and throughout the Diocese of London participated in our on-line lecture series. While I prefer gathering in person for such things, the restrictions of the pandemic pushed us to stream the whole series, with nearly 400 people subscribed.

A number of you have asked about how to continue to support this work and to foster the work of Truth and Reconciliation. I have a few suggestions that I would like to share.

First, as a person of faith, I believe in the power of prayer. Pray for authentic healing between Indigenous and non-indigenous Canadians. God does hear and answer prayer. God can and will bless efforts which foster justice.

Second, I have been organizing trips into the Canadian north for over a decade. These trips are anything but a holidays. The conditions are not easy and the stories that we are told are difficult to digest. Typically, these trips involve one week living in the community when we meet with various elders and leaders. The second part of the trip incorporates an “on the land” pilgrimage. If there was sufficient interest, I would be happy to organize a trip for when the pandemic allows. Willing participants would need to budget about $4000 to cover travel, accommodations, and food for a two week stay. Participants need to be in good health and will need to be fully vaccinated. Participants will be limited to 15 persons.

Finally, I operate a small not-for-profit called “Northern Bridge Community Partnership” ( Our work in focused in the Athabasca Basin. The communities there suffer some of the highest suicide rates in the world. Our work seeks to end this through working with and empowering young people. We are a registered charity and are able to provide receipts for taxation purposes. We are in need of $50 000 to facilitate this work in Fond du Lac and Black Lake First Nations. If you wished to make a donation, you can do so through accessing our webpage.

I am happy to answer any question which you may have and in advance, I thank you for your consideration.

In peace,

Michael Bechard (Rev.)




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