By Connie Cote

Jesus said, “When 2 or more are gathered in my Name, know that I am with you.” Matthew 18:20. How powerful it is to have over 400 faithful people gathered together online praying for us! This is how I feel about our Prayer Line, whether I am asking for prayers or praying for others. Prayer can change lives and it is an awesome feeling to be a small part of that process. When we invite others to pray for us we are asking them to enter into a relationship with God and how delighted He is by that. Praying for others is the most precious gift we can give one another. God recognizes the sacrifice of time and the emotional investment we give when we pray for others. Prayer works in so many multifaceted ways.

I have been involved with several prayer groups. Joining the Prayer Line has created some discipline in my prayer life as I commit to praying for others. Praying for others reminds me of how God has blessed me in my own life. It has been a privilege and honour to pray for others and it has been a true gift to be able to ask those who may not even know me, to pray for my requests. Sometimes God has answered my prayers with a resounding yes; sometimes I’ve had to wait for a very long time; and sometimes He has said a loving no. If only we could lift back the veil and see as God sees. Something always happens when we pray. As we persevere in prayer, we have to keep our hearts and minds open to God’s will for us. God will lift the veil just a little bit and bless us with nuggets of truth that allow us to feel His presence and reassure us that we are in the palm of His hand. Whether it’s asking for prayer or praying for others, prayer is always rewarding.

I encourage you to make the commitment and join our Prayer Line. It’s available around the clock. It’s only a click or tap away on our website. Each week Fr. John will send you an email with the prayer requests along with a spiritual reflection, some specific prayers you might want to use, links to spiritual music, videos and more. I pray that you to take advantage of it.


By Gord De Val

Before I retired I at times was a safety trainer for my fellow employees. From “Train the Trainer” courses, I knew that most people had to hear things three times to properly transfer the training into knowledge. When I understood that there would be an online podcast going over the coming weekend’s gospel—I thought great, I will listen to the podcast twice and then hear the gospel a third time at the weekend Mass. This way I could transfer the teachings of Jesus from the gospel into my knowledge.

When I started to listen to the Warm Up podcast, I realized that it was much more than a learning tool for me. It has become a way for me to stop the world and get off for a brief time as I listen to the Gospel of the Lord. I typically listen in a quiet room and shut my eyes to concentrate more on what is being said. After my podcast, I open my eyes, feeling renewed and blessed.


By Paula Christiaans

I am very grateful to the parish team, for providing us with so many opportunities to encounter Christ. Making time to participate in these opportunities regularly, strengthens our faith community with faithful disciples.  Outside of our Eucharistic celebrations, one of the most powerful forms of adoration offered, is HOLY HOUR, a prayer filled time spent in the physical presence of Christ.

For me, Holy Hour usually begins with my mind full of ‘ME’; the commotion of my day, my fears, my confusion, my hopes, my to do list, my failures, and my success. I place all of this at the foot of the cross. I know God is in all of it. I come looking for His guidance to understand what He wants me to do with it. With the true presence of Christ before me on the altar, I also come with an open heart and open mind, inviting Christ to show me his love, his desire for my life, and work he is doing through my hands. In the silence and peaceful surroundings of the church, together with others that have come to be with Christ, I let go of ‘ME’. I let go of what I am carrying and rest.  Letting calm and peace enter my mind and heart, I focus on CHRIST; all that He has given, all that He offers, and all that He asks.

A reading from the bible, a reflection from one of the pastoral team members, and music provides additional guidance and inspiration in hearing the message that Christ wants me to know about Him, about His way, in this particular moment. I sit listening, with pencil and paper in hand, ready to capture one or two key messages that the Lord is delivering to me; be anxious for nothing, trust in Me, I love you, I am with you always, I am here to carry the burden with you, love one another….

While praying at home, in the car, or as I walk is not uncommon, prayer before our Lord in the blessed sacrament has a unique, amplified quality. In the holy silence, as He gazes on me and I on Him, Christ teaches me the sound of his voice, so that can distinguish it from others that tempt me away from Him. He shows me what is important to Him in my life, where I can bring His compassion and mercy to others. At the end of Holy Hour I leave with renewed strength and courage to see CHRIST alive in everything I had placed at the foot of the cross. My spiritual senses are refreshed; eyes ready to see Christ in others, ears ready to hear Christ’s voice, and hands ready to do the work He is asking. The grace and blessings given in this hour help me to understand the person that Christ wants and needs me to be in the world, and to be open to the gifts he offers which grow my relationship with him.

Come follow me. I am the way in your way, I am the truth in your truth, and I am the life in your life.

Do you need rest? I invite you come rest in, with, and through Christ during our next holy hour.