By Wanda Crossman

I started coming to St George Parish just 3 short years ago. I was part of the RCIA program that started in the fall of 2016. This is where I was first introduced to! The Symbolon Program that was used for formation was easy to watch anytime I wanted to. I could watch it on my phone or on my laptop. I was so hungry to learn more about my new Catholic faith that it didn’t take me long to really dive into and find out all the resources that were available to me. I wanted to read as much as I could get my hands on during that first year and I found lots of great books to read. I downloaded them down onto my laptop or Kobo and I had tons of good reading material. There are books on foundations of our faith, prayer and devotionals, marriage and family and the Saints. All for free!

After I was accepted into the Church on Easter of 2017, I only wanted to grow more in knowledge, faith and love for Jesus. I explored what other things were on and found movies and podcasts that fulfilled my desire for more. There are short documentaries and full-length movies. It is like Catholic Netflix! My favourite was Guadalupe which is the story of Juan Diego’s apparition of Mary. It helped me fall in love with our Mother Mary deeper. I also loved listening to the different podcasts especially for nights I was having difficulty sleeping. I could just lay there and listen to the story of a Saint or learn more about my Catholic faith. Some of my favourite podcasts were that of Scott Hahn, Edward Sri and Brant Pitre. All for free!

Presently I use for even more things. I participate in a morning Mosaic group and there we discuss the next weekend’s readings. We use to print off our study materials and watch a short video clip on various speakers talking about the readings for that upcoming week. It enhances our weekend experience as the words of the bible jump out at us and become more deeply engrained into our hearts. is so easy to use and there is a plethora of information free at your fingertips. Download the app onto your cell phone or onto your computer and enter the parish code (XGV88R) for free access to all this. Take this opportunity to grow more in your faith and fall in love with Jesus all over again. God Bless.


By Joe Cardillo

It’s been a few years since our team got Roman Roadhouse (RR) off the ground for St. George Parish and I know speaking for our team, it’s been an extreme pleasure to be a part of. The idea of Roman Roadhouse from the beginning, was to create a forum in a casual environment where parishioners and others could come and learn about and discuss social issues facing us all. The Mass is one opportunity for our priests to share their thoughts and educate us however with time constraints it has its limitations. We envisioned the Roman Roadhouse night to be a place where we can bring leaders from various walks of life into our arena giving the time to educate, answer questions and help create a discussion on topics that affect all of our lives today. Gathering this education can be a catalyst for all of us to be more equipped to serve others and live out our faith.

I think God wants us not only to be a follower of Him but also to make a difference for others in our communities and in our world. To do that better we need to be educated and informed. We need to be open to different ways of seeing things and interpreting what it means to be a follower of God and serving Him. Roman Roadhouse is another venue where we can gather this information and sometimes inspiration, so we can fulfill this mission.

Some of the topics we have had in the last several years includes understanding poverty in our city, learning more about the Islam faith, discussing our prayer life, assisted suicide in Canada, mental health, care for our elderly, understanding technology in our world today, being a part of a dynamic family and we have had both Bishop Joe and Bishop Fabbro share their wisdom along with current Mayor Ed Holder to just a name a few of our topics and guest speakers we have had along this journey.

Besides being a place where active parishioners can come together monthly to build relationships and enjoy an evening together, our vision for Roman Roadhouse is also to be a comfortable place where we can invite those that may participate very little in our parish to those that don’t come to church or are not involved with religion to learn what our St. George community is all about. Maybe this person won’t come to a function at the parish but they may come to an event for Roman Roadhouse at the Bryon Legion Hall where they can have a beer and listen and learn.

We have also added for the start-up campaign of September to December a program where when you bring someone new to RR, you and your guest will get a free drink of your choice from the bar.

What I love about the Roman Roadhouse is that it has enlarged my community and enlarged my education on topics that affect me and my family. Most importantly it has enlarged my faith and my passion to spread God’s desire for us to love and serve our neighbours. We don’t solve all of the world’s problems but topic by topic, guest speaker by guest speaker, we are empowering attendees to do a bit more, to care a bit more and to help form a better planet.

As great as the past has been with Roman Roadhouse, our team is most excited about our 2019/2020 lineup which has been filled with spectacular topics and even better speakers. We will continue to mix in topics that serve to achieve our vision. If you are a loyal attendee, thank you for your support. If you haven’t checked us out or only have a come a time or two, I encourage you to give us a shot and maybe you can gain some of the benefits others have gained. The best is to come. Here we go!