Springbank Catholic Family of Parishes in London, Ontario

Serving the Mission of St. John the Divine and St. George Parish in the heart of Southwest London

Family of Parishes


As living signs of Christ’s presence, we will respond to the call to personal holiness given to all by committing ourselves to opportunities for ongoing conversion and spiritual renewal.

In response to Bishop Fabbro’s call for St. John the Divine and St. Goerge Parishes to form a “family of parishes”; parish staff and leadership are now working together

Guided by the Holy Spirit and with the support of the faithful from both communities, we are seeking to become a strong family of faith continuing  to be a sign of Christ in our world today.

Called by Christ, we will evangelize through the clear proclamation of the Gospel and the constant teaching of the Catholic faith, assuring that such proclamation and teaching is linked to the life experience of the people.

We invite you to join us and become an active member of our Family of Parishes communiy vibrant community.

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