Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone!! Yes—it is still the Christmas season, all the way to next weekend, when we celebrate the Baptism of the Lord. First and foremost, on behalf of the entire parish staff, I want to thank all those who sent us cards, dropped off some amazing goodies and generously offered us small tokens of appreciation. It is always such a wonderful blessing to receive your support and kindness. Please remember, that we are always here to serve you seeking to share the Good News in everything we do. The only challenge for the staff now, following the Christmas rush, and all the sweets, is choosing a gym to burn all the calories!!!


As we begin 2019 and a new year, it is always great to look back, reflect and look forward with hope. For some, 2018 was a great year, while for others, they may be happy to see it finally end. Regardless, we are now into another new year hoping for greater blessings, opportunities and new adventures. Hopefully it is also a time to draw closer to the love of Christ, who not only sustains us in times of trouble, but brings us a full life, filled with grace, strength and courage. My hope is that we as a parish family approach 2019 as a year embracing Christ and becoming sowers of the Good News. Here are a few suggestions for all of us to take to heart.


Fundamental to drawing close to Christ and allowing Him into our hearts, is the need for a strong spiritual life. This includes daily prayer. Going to weekday Mass, praying the rosary, listening to the weekly WARM UP, reflecting on the daily readings and just taking some quiet time is crucial for us. This exercise of faith needs to be consistent and regimented, like physical exercise, to truly build our friendship with Jesus. Slowly over time, we deepen our bond and get to know Jesus’ voice in our hearts. The next crucial step is to then follow his voice.


After turning down the noise around us and being familiar with Christ’s voice, we then need to follow Him. How do we do this? It means that we need to get involved. One of the primary places to do that is in the parish. We have many different programs, ministries and outreach that can change your life. Looking to get more out of Mass? Join one of the many different weekend ministries. Want to deepen your understanding of the faith? Drop in on our new FAITH 101 series, attend a ROMAN ROADHOUSE event or sign up to FORMED.ORG and watch faith videos from the comfort of your own home. Want to connect with more people in the parish? Attend our monthly parish breakfasts, become a greeter at Mass, attend one of the Family or Faith Movie nights. Want to change peoples lives? Join one of our outreach ministries like the SVDP, help out at Ronald McDonald House, the St. Joseph Hospitality Centre, our Helping Hands Ministry and so much more.
There are countless ministries and programs at the parish. Regardless of which one you choose—this becomes a powerful way to meet Christ, be Christ and live a life filled with grace and joy. We need to choose that path and make a decision to act and serve. It isn’t easy, it isn’t convenient and it takes extra effort. Nothing worth anything comes easily. We need to dedicate ourselves to know Jesus and truly embrace Him in 2019. Maybe this is the year it happens in a powerful way for you and maybe it is a chance for you to invite someone else to also dive in and draw close to Christ in 2019?


Beginning this new year seeking to draw close to Christ is not something you need to do alone. Connect with a friend, your spouse or children to journey with you. This is an opportunity to share a faith experience in a unique and life altering way. In the midst of this, it is also great to be able to share with others the stirring of our hearts and the transformations that can take place. If you don’t know where to start, connect with one of the pastoral team members and we will help you draw close to Jesus who longs to be at the centre of our lives!!! God bless and may you embrace the Lord in 2019!!!

God bless!

Fr. John