Ministry Fair 2022

God chooses us to share in the building of the Kingdom, is there a parish ministry that God is asking you to become involved in?


Altar Servers


  For more information please contact Chris McConnell at

Music Ministry


Singing and music adds so much to all of our liturgical celebrations. Interested in learning more please contact Chris McConnell at

Ministers of Hospitality


The Ministers of Hospitality offer a warm welcome, direction and information when required and make each person feel truly part of the parish community. Contact Chris McConnell at



The Liturgy of the Word is the time during Mass in which we reflect on how God speaks to us through the Sacred Scriptures. Training and annual workshops are offered to support this ministry. Contact Chris McConnell at to learn more.

Eucharistic Ministers


This appointed ministry invites parishioners to assist in the distribution of communion during our weekend liturgies. It is open to all parishioners beginning with students in grade 9. Special care, training and preparation and regular workshops are required for this ministry. The reception of the Eucharist brings us into the light and love of Christ.



For more information about this vital ministry please contact Chris McConnell at

Liturgical Design Team


This group helps create a powerful and grace filled experience for the faithful by decorating the worship space, narthex, chapel and hall throughout the liturgical year. If you enjoy decorating and/or working with flowers, this ministry is for you. Assistance is always needed. Please contact Chris McConnell at

Liturgy Committee


This committee meets regularly throughout the year planning for various celebrations and liturgical seasons in addition to addressing all the needs at our liturgical celebrations. This committee works together to make our prayer experiences true encounters of faith and hope with Christ. Contact Chris McConnell at 


Nursing Home


This ministry serves the seniors in the nursing home in many ways. Holy Communion is brought to the residents weekly, the rosary is prayer monthly, as well as lay lead liturgies of the word are offered once a month to the residents. Great relationships are formed in this ministry. Contact the parish office at 519-471-4220 for more information.

Outreach Eucharist


This ministry brings Holy Communion to those who are unable to come to Mass any longer. We also bring communion to those temporarily recovering from an illness. The communion ministers are a lifeline from the parish to these parishioners who otherwise are unable to receive Holy Communion. Contact the parish office at 519-471-4220 for more information.

Bereavement Ministry


This ministry encompasses many areas from the first contact made with the family at the time of a loved one’s passing to the journey our bereavement team is on with the family for a year. This ministry helps the family prepare the funeral mass, vigil prayers and burial. We have a team who journey with the family through the first year. This bereavement team also offers a bereavement program when the bereaved person is ready. Contact the parish office at 519-471-4220 for more information.

Compassion Ministry


This ministry visits the many who are homebound and would like nothing more than to have some company. Two parishioners are paired together and visit their assigned person once a month. For more information please contact the parish office at 519-471-4220 for more information.

Community & Social Ministry

One of the key components of a strong and thriving parish community is the gift of gathering as family. Our parish communities have many different social events and ministries that make the communities the centre in which we encounter the Lord through each other. This takes place when we pray but also when we have fun together.

Collection Counters


Assist in collection and counting of the weekly parish collections. Contact Road Tramble at

Parish Breakfasts


Parish breakfasts are on hold until further notice..



Our garden teams keep our flowers and planters looking beautiful throughout the year. If you like to garden or just want to help please contact Rod Tramble at

Parish Libraries


We have two wonderful libraries at St. George and St. John the Divine. You are welcome to borrow books, donate books or volunteer your time to keep them organized. Contact the parish office for more details.

Roman Roadhouse


A monthly speaker series. For more information go to the Roman Roadhouse webpage.

Family Picnic


The Family Picnic is a yearly event for the the local and parish community. For more information contact the parish office.

Live Streamers


If you interested in learning how to livestream our Masses please contact Beth Wilson at

Media Team


Are you interested in graphic design or media arts and information we have amazing opportunities in this unique ministry. Contact Beth Wilson at

Parish Leadership

The parish community needs strong lay leadership to maintain and sustain the vision and mission of the Gospel. The main parish leadership bodies guide parishioners on how the Good News of the Gospel is practically lived out on a personal and communal level.

Parish Pastoral Council


The principal role of a pastoral council is pastoral planning into the future by adhering to the mission and vision of both the diocese and the parish; which involves a three-fold approach: one, to conduct needs analysis and prioritize pastoral requirements; two, to set and develop goals and objectives; and three, to recommend a set of intended actions to achieve those goals and objectives. A pastoral council has a three-year term, which can be extended to another term .For more information contact Father Michael Bechard at michael.bechard

Finance Committee


The Finance Committee members are appointed by the pastor.  They advise him in matters dealing with finances and temporal needs of the parish.  They also prepare an annual parish budget and examine the annual financial reports which are sent to the diocese and presented to the parishes each year. For more information contact Father Michael Bechard at

Building Maintenace


The Building Committee is a consultative body that provides review, advice and recommendations to the Pastor concerning the structural facility and development and maintenance of the parish buildings and grounds.  If you have a background in building design, maintenance, and   function consider being a member of this committee. Contact Rod Tramble at for more information.


There are many different opportunities to serve the parish community rooted in the many different talents and abilities of our faith-filled parishioners. These services help in sharing and serving the needs of one another.

Community Meal





This group prays for the weekly prayer intentions from our parish and local community. To submit prayers or to join the prayerline group please go to



Refugee sponsorship is supported by our parish communities. Please contact Father Michael Bechard at

Helping Hands


This group assists those in the local community who are in any kind of need. They gather food items for the St. Joseph Hospitality centre and Byron Cares food bank as well as Christmas Hamper programs.