Now that we are in the Easter season and have celebrated the resurrection—how can we stop from forgetting that Easter is 50 days of celebration and not just one day?


Jesus is risen!!! Alleluia!! We rejoice this Easter weekend with many different celebrations, family gatherings and relaxed time to slow down, give thanks and recognize the love Christ has offered to us. Yet this is only part of the story. We have fasted, prayed and served in special ways during the Lenten season — our TRAINING SEASON — so that we can become stronger, more faithful and courageous disciples. It is not the time for us to stop and go back to our former ways, but hopefully over Lent we have changed and discovered better ways to live our lives of faith. We cannot allow Easter to be just one weekend and then everything goes back to “normal”. How can we extend our experience of joy and hope fulfilled over the next 50 days and beyond!!

The Easter season is longer than Lent and since we have worked so hard and trained so much, it is now time to live our faith more fully, with a heart dedicated to service reaching out to those in need, to those around us and truly counting our blessings!!! How can we really do this in a practical way?


I myself have been wondering and praying during Lent searching for a simple but real way to extend my Easter experience beyond this glorious weekend. I have made some decisions and am hoping that you would join me along the way. Maybe we as a parish could support each other on this special Easter journey making it more powerful, meaningful and show everyone that Jesus is alive through us.

I have decided that each day I will tweet out some way that I see Jesus alive around me. This will give me a chance to see Christ alive in others and in my own day to day experiences. I will share these via our parish twitter account with the hashtag “#50daysofpraise”. Hopefully this will cause all of us to think and see more of Jesus in this world. That Easter is not just some passing celebration that ends on Tuesday when we go back to work or school.

In addition to sharing about the blessings or ways I see Christ around me, I will also share opportunities that I am able to be Christ for others. How can I bring Jesus to life and put my faith into action? In these two ways we can then show that Jesus is truly risen, in our own lives and experiences.

I am inviting the whole parish to do the same thing. You can share your experiences of actions of faith via twitter using the #50daysofpraise hashtag or by going to the parish website and sharing your moment. We will also have sheets of paper in the narthex where you can write down your story and share it with us the old fashioned way.

The more we see Jesus around us in others and the more we act as Christ in this world, the more we see him alive. The more we see Jesus in our lives the more we get to know him and love him. When we love him our lives change and when we allow him to love us we become light, hope, peace and joy in the world fulfilling our call to proclaim the Good News. Please take time this Easter to celebrate in a real sense, don’t be tempted to pass it off as another season that is over, our training is complete, it is now the time to share and be the GOOD NEWS!!!