We are only just beginning the Easter season — so to keep the flame from Easter Vigil glowing, we would like to share this story with you from one of our new Catholics! Welcome the family Brandy.


Growing up we always had the Lords words and spiritual faith in our home but it wasn’t ever connected with attending church every Sunday. Perhaps at this very moment in my life for a reason I am unsure of, why not sooner, I have reached for God’s hand with all of my heart since my journey began  with RCIA back in October. With my mother being baptized Roman Catholic and my roots being right here in Byron, St. George’s Parish is where I wanted to start my journey with God. Today more then ever I  have the desire in wanting to know God better. St.George’s Parish is truly an amazing community. I have always felt welcomed and accepted into their church with open arms. Most importantly I have felt supported. I am excited to be apart of a community that wears their hearts on their sleeve. Thank you for your prayers! As the Easter Vigil approaches my heart holds many emotions. For me it is a time of reflection. Today my relationship with God is strong. My faith is alive. My heart is beaming with excitement for my first taste of the Eucharist. I can only imagine the whirl wind of emotions in the very moment I am being baptized that I will be feeling. This year I have a deeper understanding of what Easter truly means. I am so glad I reached for God’s hand, he’s been holding it ever since. I am truly blessed to be here and excited to be apart of the St.George’s Community.