***PART TWO***

By Roberta Gibson – Coordinator of FIAT

(This is a continuation from the last edition of the Shield describing FIATFEST with 200 young people involved with FIAT)

Ray John – working with the LDCSB and presenting at our annual FIATFEST celebration.

Faith in Action Team members were able to participate in one of two indigenous cultural teaching lessons. The younger students joined Ray John for Indigenous story telling and dance. Ray John is an Indigenous Adviser and Cultural Teacher, who visits our schools to serve our students, staff and school communities with programming to support the learning of Indigenous histories and culture.

The older students created Wampum Strings (Promise Strings) with Brenda Collins who is a Metis Artist and Cultural Teacher and visits our schools to support the learning of Indigenous histories and culture. FIAT members and leaders enjoyed the opportunity to learn and to enjoy the rich cultural history of the Indigenous people.

Students also had the opportunity to play some active games that allowed them to get to know students from other schools. There were lots of smiles and laughter. One of the best comments of the day came from a student who asked if there would be time for her to play with her new friends that she had just met.

The students worked together in small groups to share information about the activities they participated in at school, the parish and the community. WOW these Faith in Action teams were very busy this year. They lead food drives, “Nickels for the Needy”, visited nursing homes, made cards for the Easter, Christmas, Remembrance Day and the sick and those who are home bound. They lead “joyful sock” campaigns, they stuffed a bus for the needy, lead prayers and liturgical celebrations, lead Sunday Mass at the parish each month and so much more. They had wonderful ideas about what they would like for FIAT next year and their insights will help guide future plans and confirmed that FIATFEST is a highlight for the Faith in Action Team members.

Brenda Collins lead the students in making Wampum strings.

We would like to thank Eddie, Mackenzie, Elizabeth, Meg and Patty for volunteering their time and energy to help ensure the day ran smoothly. It is also important to thank all the FIAT leaders who spend countless hours with their teams in prayer and in planning. It was evident how amazing these leaders are at FIATFEST and how engaged they are with their teams.

FIATFEST 2018 was amazing and went exactly as planned. The smiles and laughter were uplifting and inspiring. The final song of the day “I am Trading My Sorrows” was energetic and was a beautiful way to say “Yes” to the Lord. It reminds me of my call to always be guided by the Lord and to always say “yes” to Him.

This ministry continues to grow and expand. It began with one school and has now grown to the current 16 schools in three different school boards. I feel blessed to have the opportunity to witness so many wonderful acts of charity and service and to be part of the faith journey of the Faith in Action Teams. I am excited to see what the future holds for FIAT and am energized as it continues to reach even more schools, parishes and homes. Check out our website and follow us on Twitter @faithinaction15.