Hello everyone,

Moments ago, Premier Doug Ford issued a province-wide shutdown effective Saturday April 3rd at 12:01 am. for four weeks.

How does this affect the parish?  None of this changes any of our celebrations this Easter weekend and beyond.

Under the shutdown orders, we are able to operate up to 15% capacity.  At St. George, we have operated at about 8% during the entire pandemic.  This means we do not have to make any adjustments and there is no need to cancel celebrations.  We remain as we have for the last several months.

We are always here for you.  We look forward to celebrating with the faithful in person at the parish, online and via phone-stream.

We as a parish strive to do everything we can to keep everyone safe and I am extremely thankful to our amazing volunteers who not only offer wonderful hospitality but take great care to clean and sanitize our facilities.

May this Easter weekend be a time of grace and strength.

Fr. John