I am with you until the end of the ageHave you ever heard a story from the Bible where God worked in some huge, tangible way? Like, when the apostles were gathered in the upper room after the resurrection and they were to afraid to even go out? And then something beautiful happened that changed the world — the gift that Jesus promised them arrived! The Holy Spirit came down upon them and they and the whole world were forever changed! They began to speak so that everyone could understand them and they had the courage to spread the message of Jesus even until the point of death. This is incredible — and sometimes we might think “Why doesn’t anything incredible like that happen anymore? Why doesn’t God show up?”

But something happened this weekend — and I know God showed up. It is in a different way then that day in the upper room (after all it is 2000 years later — humanity has changed and so the way God reveals himself to us has changed…) This weekend, 71 young people were sealed with the gift of the Holy Spirit. Although all the gifts of the Holy Spirit were given to them in their baptism, Confirmation, in a special way, stirs those gifts up in them — especially if they are open and receptive to it. I have been able to journey with these young people for the past few months and I can tell you that they are transformed…

How? I will tell you…

Some of them have begun a habit of daily prayer

Some have found a passion for serving in their church, school, and communities they didn’t know they had before

Some have just begun to discover the BEAUTY of the Catholic Church

Some have committed themselves to growing as disciples

Some of them have learned about Saints who were just like them and have inspired them to become saints themselves

Some of have found themselves in awe of the TRUTH of the Eucharist


Although we know that God is all powerful, He can often be very gentle with us like a loving father. So some of them may not know in what ways they have been transformed. We pray that each of them will be able to respond to loving call of Jesus… to leave everything behind and come and follow Him…Because He has CHOSEN them.