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Matthew Kelly reveals the essence of authentic Catholic spirituality while addressing some of the most important questions we face today as both individuals in the modern world.

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Chapter 2

In this second chapter of the book, Matthew Kelly invites us to consider the foundations of our decision making.  What influences us when we decide to do something ?  What is at the heart of our action ?  In what ways do we...

Chapter 1

In this first chapter of the book, Matthew Kelly asks -- What do we hunger for ?  There are many things that fill us with some level of happiness, but what brings us ultimate joy.  Do we make room for the Lord, who is the...


Stories help us in our journey.  Matthew Kelly shares a powerful story of sacrifice and love which reminds us of God's eternal love for us.  How much does God love us?  What price does he pay to save us?  How does this...


In the introduction, Matthew Kelly lays down the ground work for the journey ahead. The challenges, wonders and moving forward are all introduced. What are the challenges today for the Church?  What is still beautiful and a...