My name is Debbie Hurley.  This is a brief look at my very long journey of faith to becoming a Catholic.  You may or may not know me but I have sat amongst all of you for over 30 years celebrating Mass.  I have experienced pride and great joy as my two children have received all their sacraments.

During these years I have had many very supportive, devoted Catholic family and friends.  My husband Tom and our children, Patricia and Greg have always been supportive and inspirational to me.  Their faith has always been strong in good times and in challenging times.

Everyone’s journey of faith is private and personal.  I cannot tell you why after more than thirty years that this was the right decision at the right time for me.  I started in the Emmaus Road RCIA last fall.  My sponsor was my daughter Patricia.  Her grace, knowledge, faith and loving support were a reassuring and comforting presence for me.  Our roles in each other’s lives had reversed.

The RCIA team guided by Father Pedro and Mary Catherine Bishop were wonderful.  It quickly became apparent the team’s passion, joy and support for all of us as we journeyed together.  Our meetings were open-minded and a safe place to ask questions, discuss opinions, our lives and religious views. My faith has grown each week and on March 24th my fellow candidates and I professed our faith and received the sacraments of Confirmation and Communion.  It was a beautiful, emotional service with many friends and family present.

Now as I continue with my journey of faith and I sit amongst you again I do so with a grateful heart for everyone’s support.  I have a renewed faith and a great sense of peace.  Thank you to all the RCIA team for their constant support and encouragement.

By Debbie Hurley