We are so blessed to welcome into our parish family 17 new Catholics. What a wonderful blessing it has been to watch them grow in faith and experience God’s love through the Sacraments. It is such a privilege for our team to be able to journey with them each week as they learn about the Catholic faith. These men and women all answered God’s call and said yes to the faith and now they are full members of the Church.

We now encourage all of them to put their faith into action and get involved in ministry. I ask you to continue to pray that God continues to bless them and that we as a faith community welcome them as our newest family members. Please help me congratulate Jonathan Bauer, Kim Bushey, Martha Chisholm, Alynn Clark, Andrea Coutu, Kelsey Craig, Monica Dejean, Jena Downen-Dempsey, Amanda Gellel, Walter Gough, Katie Greenwell, Debra Hurley, Elyse McCorquodale, Carly Soanes, Bronze Want, Avery Wong and Grace Zhang.

A huge thanks to the team members and sponsored who accompanied them on their journey. This process would not be possible without the leadership of our amazing team.

~ Mary Catherine Bishop


The RCIA journey has been such a positive and fulfilling experience and I am grateful to have been partnered with such a caring and supportive sponsor, Wanda, and to have been part of the most incredible group of people within the RCIA program at St. George’s. The camaraderie that developed between us all was such an added benefit and knowing that I will always have these new friends at church is a comfort and blessing.

I didn’t know what to expect when I made the decision to begin the journey towards a Christ-centred life; I grew up in a family with no faith so it had always intrigued me but I chose to remain naive. As I aged I became increasingly aware that something was missing from my life.

My husband and I attended services at a few churches but did not find a connection that was right for us. When tragedy struck my brother’s family, I turned to God, praying and begging for a miracle; in the end I became angry at God and denied Him or His existence; surely a merciful, healing God would not allow such things to happen. Grief is an extremely isolating and lonely journey, but the glaringly obvious difference between my personal experience and other people’s that I encountered was their faith in Christ.

As our son became school-aged my husband and I discussed Catholic school; I wavered back and forth as I was still carrying resentment and distrust. I am grateful Mary-Catherine extended
the invitation. Accepting Jesus and finally choosing to participate in this relationship that He has always been present in has been liberating. Sitting in prayer has brought much needed calm to my life; when life becomes overwhelming, I allow myself to slow down and be guided by His grace. Now when I grieve, I lean into Christ for comfort instead of pushing Him away.

Reflecting on His ultimate sacrifice and its enormity is humbling and allows for deeper perspective on what’s important in life and what does not need to weigh on our shoulders. I am now baptized; an incredible feeling. Partaking in the Eucharist is a privilege. I am inspired to live more focused on service and living out higher values. I have so much to learn and experience but RCIA has equipped me with an essential foundation and proved to be transformative not only for me but our family as a whole. Above all else, it connected me to God, and I now know how much I needed Him.

~ Andrea Coutu


It is a wonderful experience to witness God’s love that lives in each and every one of us.    As a Team member and sponsor it brings me such great joy to talk about the love that God, Jesus and the Holy Spirt has for all of us.   Each week you trust in the Lord that your support is making a difference.   When we all arrive at the Easter Vigil, you witness a radiant glow that emanates from each and every candidate or catechumen, and a profound feeling comes over you that you know is the presence of our Lord.  It humbles me witnessing how much He loves each and everyone one of us.

~ Andrea Edward, sponsor